Have you ever felt lucky?

I don’t know what is your worst experience in your life, but I never had to suffer. I grown up in a peaceful place within a nice, friendly family. I was loved and cared as a child. I can’t complain. Probably the worst situation in my life was when I was attacked on street. A gang attacked me and my friends, they thought we are the guys who beaten their friend. We weren’t. We ran away, but got a couple of hits.

I was also attacked on a bus when I was with my friends. Actually, two adults started to beat my friend and I tried to protect him. We were like 13 years old, those guys were at least 20 or thirty.

I got into trouble once again when I was and adult, got attacked in a car park by a gang (again?), but luckily the security guards stepped in. I can clearly see that some people want to attack others. Especially weaker people.

Apart from these situations, I had a calm life, and I never had to fight for my life.

One of the worst situation I can imagine in a man’s life is war. When you and your country is attacked. I have never been to war zone, but my grand parents were and they told a couple of stories. They suffered a lot, but survived the Second World War (WWII). After the war they were dragged from Hungary to Russia and were forced to work in a Labor Camp. My grand father told me that many people had to go to Russia for a “Malenky Robot” (Little Work) which took 3 years for him and for my grandmother too. They said it was terrible and I can imagine that.

They taught me to value what I have and since my childhood, whenever I face with a problem, I imagine myself in a lot worse situation, which makes my problem look smaller. This helps to releif a little bit. The worst situation I can imagine is to be in a concentration camp, which is worse than a Labor Camp, because people were killed systematically in concentration camps meanwhile in a Labor Camp people were forced to work. If you worked, you got food and you could survive. You had a chance in a Labor Camp, but just a slight chance to survive in a concentration camp, because you could have been killed in any moment. (If you want to see a good movie about life in a concentration camp I recommend Schindler’s list).

If I need to recall the most terrible thing I have ever seen that probably would be pictures and films about a concentration camp and that happened during the WWII. For some reason, I was really interested in WWII, because I think I wanted to find out the “worst case scenario” in my life and that’s one of it, which has happened not that long time ago, so there are documents and archives and you can get a quite clear picture what has happened there.

When you can’t really run away, because there is war everywhere in the world. Almost everyone is involved, that’s really bad. Approximately 73 million (!) people lost their life. 73 million. It is very hard to put this in context, but I try. See the population numbers some of European countries.

  • Germany                        80.68 million
  • United Kingdom             64.99 million
  • France                            64.59 million
  • Spain                              46.08 million


73 million death means that a lot more people were affected who survived. This is a number you can’t ignore. One of (if not the most) biggest tragedy in human history.

 War is associated with terrible things such as outrage, killing people, deaths, deprivation, sadness, starvation, fear, pain, threats etc. the worst imaginable things…

You must have heard the tragedy of Titanic, where more than 1500 lives were lost. That’s another bad situation where you are trapped on a sinking ship which has no enough lifeboats.

Another tragedy is 9/11 WTC where nearly 3000 people has died. Similarly to Titanic there was a big chance that you got trapped in a burning and collapsing building.

There are other tragic situation where people are tortured to death, or as a hostage, or people who has cancer or any other dying disease.

I think if you compare your current situation to one of the above then it is likely that you are in a better position.

What is your situation? Looking for a job? Or have a job, but have no enough money? Have a job and money but can’t see your daughter because you are divorced? Can’t buy the house/car you want? Is your problem material (money can buy) or immaterial (money can’t buy)?

What is the most worrying qestion you are thinking of everyday?

How am I going to pay my rent, my bills? Do I lose my job? What should I eat for lunch? Can I afford another holiday? Will I be late from work?

Can you imagine what problems those people had during the war? People who fought on the battle field and people who stayed at home, tried to survive, people in contenration camps?

Just a couple of questions that I can think of: will I die today or tomorrow? Can I survive? I haven’t eaten anything for days, when and where can I get some food? Where were my parents taken? Wheather my husband still alive?

There are still wars around the world… Some wars we aware some we are not. There are wars between countries and nations and there are wars between neighbours, families and gangs on the street.

It is very easy to forget how lucky you are if you live in peace. Peace in your country and you don’t have to think about your elementary needs and you don’t need to fight for your life.

On other hand even if you are in war with one other person, that means the world to you, so no matter where else there are wars in the world. That means a lot to you, and you are tend to focus on that rather  than any other war in the world.

My point is, that if you live in peace then be grateful for it, don’t take it for granted.