What happened lately

Well… I should have written 5-10 post by now in August… Didn’t happen :) I was on holiday and I enjoyed it… Then I did sime DIY (do it yourself) around my flat, and some houses… Oh, I’m a part-time landlord, so have to manage tenants sometime. Moving in, moving out, wall painting, key cutting, assembly furniture, do some gardening, fixing doors, locks, heating, floors, etc :)

This is part of my retire plan :) Rental income from houses and some money from the blog. These should keep me busy in 4 years… Oh, and children! I don’t have any, but as soon as I have then I will be busy.

So the plan was writing blogposts on the train in the way to work… Which is happening now :) but in the last two weeks, I either had to find a tenant and answered emails rather than writing a post.

Now I got the tenant and I played enough with Asphalt 8 and Sodoku … now it is really time to write something….

…and I need to take off, so willl continue later :)

Ok,just a couple of minutes later I’m on the street and typing again… and it is shining! Look:

Rare thing in London :)