London 2010

Start a new Life in London (part 3)

We spent two weeks at our friend, and as she promised she would get a job for my gf (girlfriend). I was looking for IT jobs, and I got a good chance to start in Weybridge, but another candidate got the job… so I started at Avis rent a car as a rental sales agent. Not in IT, but it was an office job. The only problem was my boss and the location. It was in Croydon and one of the busiest branch and the doggiest customers you can have. We did four times more car deliveries than other branches, and deliveries come with problems… a lot harder work than handing out keys at the station. You can have problems with delivery address, with parking, not finding the customer, can’t phone them and where to leave the keys…same game with the car collection from an address… and we never had enough cars.. At the time customers could make reservation even if we haven’t had the stock. My favorite story is when a guy came in to the branch, 30 minutes before closing and asked for a car, we said that we don’t have a car, look at the parking lot, it is empty. He stepped out, and put through a reservation through his mobile… We had 15 minutes left to get him a car… Closest branch was 30 min drive away… I don’t remember how did we manage, but we always did… It was stressful. Timepressure, constant demands from customers, car repairs, lack of stock, boss to argue… wasn’t ideal.

Comparing to other branches, where my colleagues were kings at their desk. They handed over the keys and that was it. They served tourists in downtown, like Marble Arch, Earls Court, Gatwick and Heathrow. Croydon served dodgy customers and companies, people who didn’t really give a f@ck about their rented car, but wanted everything. Bigger and better car, free upgrades etc. They haven’t paid for it, their company did…

My first month pay was £436.. in 2010.., for 40 (45-48) hours per week… And that was because I was hired in 20+20 hours.. (Wtf?).. So the +20 hours (overtime) were paid next month! And my boss either was not good at at math or was bad at administration, but my work hours he got never matched with my numbers so had long battles around it almost every month… you must feel the pain, when you need to check every payslip you get, calculate whether you got the right amount or not. Same issues with holidays. It was never the right time to go on holiday.. constant arguments about it.

My salary hardly reached £1000 per month… In London it was just enough… Just… We paid £600 for a room in zone 2 which was a bit higher than average, but we shared a 1 bedroom flat only with one person. She has the living room, we got the bedroom, we shared the bathroom, the kitchen and the diner. We got on really well.

My girlfriend got around £400-600 per month depending the work hours she made.

I survived Avis at Croydon and got an IT job after 8 months… That was heaven after that strugle. A well paid job, in a real office environment what I got used to, and I was valued by my boss and my collegues.

….and the blog started to bloom. I had time to write articles and edit the formatting during working hours :) the best you can get :) A well paid job, with a hobby included in the “9 to 5” schedule.