Lottery millionaire

Tell me you have never ever thought about winning the lottery? No, I wouldn’t beleive you if you said no. I think this is one of the questions that a living person asks him/herself.

If you live in a world where money matters to you, then you must have think about it. “What would I do if I won the lottery?”

Wow! I love this question because, the imagination starts to fly. People get excited, their eyes brighten up, they start to smile and telling what they would do or buy. They start living their new dream life in head for a second. Like a little child start talking about his/her favourite toy.

My niece (4) is adorable by the way (btw) when she gets excited and start telling a lovely story what happened to her in the nursery… She is so cute. Children are awesome, they don’t hide their emotions and they are honest fundamentaly. So when you ask a question, they won’t really act or answer differently than they think. They will answer honestly.

If I ask an adult what he or she would do with £5 million I might got an answer like “I don’t care about money” or “money is evil” which not neccessery true. I don’t mind if someone is not interested in money, I really don’t if this is the honest answer. The problem is that the answer is usually not true. People tend to lie to themself and not just to others.

The point of this question to find out what would you do if you could do anything in the world. This gives your mind endless opportunity and it opens up.

This is a good starting point for setting new goals, new ideas and get motivated.  

I recently read a book about a lottery winner and how the money changed his life. He did things what he has never ever done before. And that’s a good thing, doing something you’ve never done before. You get new experience, you will learn and develop. 

Money is good, and it is even better when you have plenty but not everything. Same with love :) important but if you have only love you might atarve to death. 

You might have heard that lottery winners often get poorer than they were before they won. The reason is pretty simple. People who win, don’t make that money, they “just” get it… Easy come, easy go. But most importantly they are very good at spending but not at earning…well… not good enough to earn another million or so. Making money can be easy, but in most of the cases it is hard. Have you ever thought about earning a steady extra £30/month? Or £100, or £500, or £1000 or £10000? If you haven’t tried, then do it. It is difficult to find an extra £50-500 per month. Even if you have 10 times more money it isn’t easy to invest it wisely to get your 1/10th of your money back. That’s a 10% return on your investment btw. So if you have £500 then it isn’t that easy to invest to get an extra 10% (£50) just for once. Then if you want to make it steady income, it is even harder.

You can simply ask yourself how much extra work hours it would take you to get an extra £500. Taking the current minimum hourly wage in London (it is somewhere around gross £7 in 2015) it will take 71 hours!! Almost 2 weeks if you considering a 40 hour workweek. And that’s gross £7! But taking a good net £10 hourly wage will still require 50 hours… Let’s say a week! Now, when do you have the time to work an extra 50 hours in a month!? You tell me!

I don’t think it is easier to make another million from 5m than making £100 from £500. 

The lottery winners usually know how to spend but don’t know how to earn that amount of money they won. 

There is a big difference between winning £5m and work for £5m. When I say work, I don’t mean 5 to 9 droid work. It is unlikely that someone earns that sort of money with an office work (CEOs might, but that’s rare too). I mean someone worked up himslef (herself) to this point. Opened a business, made money on stock market, invested in properties etc. Imagine we have two guys here: one who won £5m (call him Luke) and the one who worked for that £5m (call him  Peter).

Both are exceptional, they really are. One is exceptionally lucky the other one is extremely talented. Guess which one is which.

There is a big difference in time they got to their money and equaly there is a difference in experience how to earn money. get that money. 

When you win the lottery the challenge is to measure up to £5m in head. It is difficult.

Now we have two guys here, both with £5 million cash. One is lucky (lottery winner) one is talented (who earned the money).

This winner in the book was an average man started to live an extraordanary life and spending money … big time. If you don’t have the experience to earn £5m then you will spend differently. 
There are certain things money can’t buy. 

Love, ethics, life

The “lucky” one had a cancer and died in two years after winning the lottery. The biggest thing he and his wife wanted was a baby… They couldn’t have one… Now if you don’t have a dime, but alive and have a child, you are luckier than that guy…and should be happier…this is wierd…isn’t it? I see more people alive with child than people with £5m and still not happy…


Actually, I need to think about this question too.
I need to get motivated as well :) and it isn’t always easy
Ok bucket list:
Got into the 100 richest man

Have at least 2 children

Earn £10k/month

Have £2500 passive cashflow

Get british passport
The older I get the more I need to think about it, when I was younger I instantly said 5 things: a lamborghini (even if I couldn’t drive), a villa, a yacht, and tons of toys…
Now I start thinking: hmm.. I would invest X% in property, Y% in stocks, Z% in business etc. And this question doesn’t make sense anymore, because I lose my imagination.. Where my dreams gone? Do I want a Lamborghini? Yeah, but not that much I’m willing to do something about it… and then I realize that I’m happy without a Lambo.

 fundamentaly… And honesty is key for succes.
The country I comming from is a place where people are very jelaous and envy. They look what their neighbour has and if he has something better they put effort to ruin that. They don’t get motivated by the fact that someone has something better, and let’s try to achaive that. No. They are like angry children in the sand box

So in that sort of enviroment, you better not mention to anyone that you have won the lottery… Beleive me.