You always have a choice. Even if someone holds a gun to your head, you can still choose to try to talk yourself out of the situation, or attack your offender, or try to run away, or die brave. These are options you can choose from.

It is really rare that you don’t have a choice. I can imagine cases, when someone dies suddenly that they haven’t had a choice. But they had a choice before they died. If you are a capable person and have a second to think, then you have time to choose between choices. Choice you made will drive your behaviour.

In most cases when I hear people saying that “I didn’t have a choice” I know that’s not true, because they still alive and talking to me. That means, that they had a coice. It’s possible that the the person couldn’t think any other alternative, but in reality they had loads.

Thinking that you don’t have a choice is a narrow minded thinking… it’s lazy and lack of creativity.

It is also a great way to represent yourself as a victim and get attiention and make people feel sorry for you. Ha ha! That’s cute! But I won’t feel sorry when someone says that.

There are certain levels when it is approriate to say that. But even people from Auswitz can tell that they had a choice, how a person today with job, with house, with friends and with “normal” (above the average level of the 85% of world’s population) London standard living circumstances dare to say:

“I didn’t have a choice”

Bullshit! Think about it! If you ever said that, than please think about it again, and you should recognize any other alternate choice, it can be radical. At this stage is no about the right choice. It is about the number of choices you can choose from.

Councious people have choices.

Babies, childrens, animals might not have…

Babies and animals can’t read but I’m writing to you and not for them.

That’s why I feel sorry for people and animals who have a higher authority who brings a decesion above their head… In this context I ‘m writing about the person who makes that choice. Dependents could be easily victims