Unwanted conversation

Situation I had today: Sitting on the aeroplane. 3 seats next to each other, old man, Gaby and me. Old man starts to talk and talks a lot. Really kind man, but I can clearly can see that Gaby is not in the mood, so I interupt the man when he is showing his pictures: Sorry, I’m not interested. He is still showing more pictures, so I repeat: “Sorry, I’m not interested” He says,”No, no, no, just showing these” …and he swipes another 3 pictures on his iphone showing me what he took 2 weeks ago in Windsor about Kibg Elizabeth and Charles… and I repeat: “Sorry, I’m not interested” – he sits back turns into silence. I wad a little bit rude, but could protect Gaby as she couldnt do this. This is a good example of couple of things: if you are a man, then stand up for your girlfriend (wife etc.), and defend her. If you are in an uncofortable situation, then do something. I’d rather hurt someone I don’t know, than feeling uncomfortably in my situation for 3 hours. Am I wrong? Maybe, but I think you need to say no sometimes.

Gaby said, that man might have felt (megsértődött) offended, but I don’t mind… Unless the flight start to (zuhan) fall and will need his help… Then it sucks. But otherwise?

There must be a kinder way to tell people to leave me alone.. How would you do it? Tell me! Let me learn something :)
One more thing. The most valeuable asset I have is time. If someone is wasting my time I don’t mind saving it even if I need to hurt someone.

It might hurt but will heal in time.