The Purpose of this blog

What is the meaning of life? To Love – now I saved you a lot of time and money to make you realize this :) If you think about this as a joke, then you must know that every joke is half true.

Honestly, I have spent lot of money and time trying to figure it out what is the meaning and the purpose of my life. It is not easy. Have you ever thought about yours?

I have read many things about it, tried some techniques but couldn’t figure it out properly. So, I still don’t know what’s the purpose of my life. But, I learned many things from books, webpages, wise people, videos and trainings and my summary is something like this:

Be happy and share this happiness with people you love. Live in the moment, try not to miss what is happening around you. Do what you love and do it better next day. Don’t give up, because the life worth to live. You have something that you can do better than anyone else in this world, so live with it. You might not get the chance to live twice :) Find someone to love, who loves you too and find something to love, a hobby. Something what cost you a lot ( of money, energy and time :) )

You also need to develop personally. The challenges you face everyday are obstacles for you and for your development. If you solve your problems, then you will develop.

Everything in life happens for a reason even if it doesn’t make sense at the time and you think: “Why me? Why?”. These are the situations where you need to realize, that this challenge is for your development. You might think it isn’t serving you… But it does! Every problem has a possibility so grab it and use it, don’t waste it.

If you get through a tough challenge then you will gain confidence. I know confident and shy people. A shy person can turn into confident by learning, developing and changing him/herself. The difference between the shy and confident person is practice. The more practice you have (in any area in your life) the more confident you are. Have you seen people doing dangerous and unbelievable things with ease, and just wondering how could you ever do just the half of that? Now, you can bet, that person has practice what (s)he is doing…

I just saw a guy who did a quadruple bmx back-flip. Not 1, not 2, not just 3, but 4 back-flips! FOUR! I can’t do any back-flip, not four?!?! Can you imagine how much confidence he has doing 1 back-flip? I would be hesitant or shy (unbrave :)) to do just one…

So, cut the story short: confidence comes from practice. And this is true in any area of your life. You might be confident in the kitchen but not in swimming in deep water. Or you might be confident in your beauty, but not in your drawing skills etc.

How do you parctice beauty? If you are a female, then use make up, change your hair, shape your body in a gym or at last chance, go to the plastic surgery. If you are a male, then just go to the gym. That’s all :)

There are thousands of areas of your life where you need to hold on. But be aware that you can develop and gain confidence any part of your life by practicing it. Can you ride a bicycle? If you can, you practiced a lot. Practice makes you perfect.

Soooo…. Back to purpose (because the purpose of this post is to find my purpose with this blog). As far as I know the purpose is a really good thing. Human being is a purpose driven creature and I can confirm that. If I have a purpose, it drives me and I work harder and things move faster. The difficult thing is to find a good purpose, because it comes together from many different angles.

Once you have that, all you need to do is do something about it every day… And you will get something extraordinary or what you want :)

I saw a great diagram about “purpose of your job” and I will use that to apply it for my blog.

Here it is:


Purpose driven job by "MeetAnais"

Purpose driven job by “MeetAnais”

The original version: MeetAnais

And there is another, extended version of this (rotated), filled with that four missing gaps:



Picture source: www.authenticeducation.com.au
If you find the four base elements, then you can figure out your purpose. Let’s see the four fundament:

1. What you Love

I think this is the most important thing. This is where the purpose starts. Find the thing you love. It is lot easier to do something if you love it… as I love writing, it is easy for me to do it. It also gives me joy and positive energy. If I write an article and I do it right, and when I read it again, I feel proud. I wouldn’t do a blog if it didn’t give me joy. The joy comes from readers, who enjoy my readings, from raising visitor numbers, from new friendships, from new techniques I can use. There are so many good things that will happen, because I started writing this blog.

2. What you do well, you are grate at it

Based on my visitor numbers, reader comments, feedbacks and success of my previous blog shows that I’m good at writing… no, I don’t mean the grammar, my spelling or perfect typing (and I do appologies for my English, I’m not a native English speaker. Any correction in emails or comments from readers are more than welcome. Hopefully my English will improve by the time) I mean, I’m good at writing down my thoughts.

3. What the world will pay for

You know that if you do what you love, then the money will follow? I have been writing my blog for 3 years without any major income. Then someone came along and wanted to buy it. So I sold it, then I realized that this is something to worth to do financially. The good thing though I don’t expect this new blog to be my first source of income in the near future, but in longer term I do. I know people who make a living of blogging. That’s awesome! This box ticked as well.

4. What the world needs

Well… You can tell. If you got this far, then there is a ray of hope that someone needs this. Someone will read it for pleasure, motivation, development or for any other reason. I can serve some people who read this blog. They can get joy, they can get motivation, they might learn something so I can add some value to their lives. This is not a big thing, but life is all about small things, isn’t it? You have to value these, like a smile, a touch, a memory or a lovely moment…


These four things will give the purpose of my blog.

Why, oh why?

And there is one more thing! The “why” question. “Why am I doing this?”. The why will answer my motivation, and here it is: my master plan is to retire from my daily job in 4 years time and I want to do something as a hobby after that, I need a part-time job, something what keeps me busy, and also makes some money. In 4 years time this blog can be big enough to fulfill these.

What else will I need?

Topics: Yeah, that’s a good question! What about topics? Well, I usually don’t have problem finding a topic. I write about things that are interesting for me. I think I will find a main topic I can focus on. I just write and this will come later.

Time: this is the biggest challenge after all. Find the right time for writing. I used to write my blog in work time :) Seriously! I had time to write my blog at my workplace. I really enjoyed it. It was a really useful way of writing a blog. I can’t do that anymore. My current job keeps me too busy. So I either write before or after work and honestly … I don’t want to do another job after work. Blogging can be a work. It can take 6 hrs per day if you want to. I had times when I felt: “Oh, I need to write something on my blog”, otherwise I lose my readers… so then the hobby becomes a work, and that stress can have a negative impact on the quality of the writing. 

I really value time. This my biggest asset. You cannot have more, so you must use it wisely. I don’t like if someone is wasting my time. I keep this privilege to myself. I can waste my time, but not letting to anyone else. That’s why I like to do something usefull. Like blog :) it is not watching TV. I create something, out of notthing. That’s the satisfaction of creation. It makes me proud if the result is good.

So, all I need to do is find the time for writing. I will.

Quote of the day… errr… Of the blog

I found a great one recently:

 ‘Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.’ – Benjamin Franklin

I really want to make this quote my motto. It’s really got me. This is what I want to do. I cannot do it all the time, but I will aim for it.

The real question is whether I can make time for writing? We will see…

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