Start a new life in London (part 2)

Before quitting our jobs we tried to ask for unpaid leave. This was a brilliant idea! I highly recommend this to you if you are thinking to start a new career in a new field. I asked my employer to give 1 year unpaid leave, then I got 6 months. I knew that I need to ask for more than I expect to get.

– ask for more than you expect to get –

Without burning any bridges I could give 6 months in London to try myself and my new life. If it didn’t work, or I didn’t like it, then I can come back and continue my work.

I remember telling my boss that I “want to learn English in London” while he was smoking outside of our workplace. He said it is fine and he knew I won’t come back. So, I asked HR for unpaid leave and started looknig for new jobs in London. I was working for AVIS rent a car’s IT department and had a really good relationship with workmates. The HR boss kindly offered me that he can send my CV to London and see whether they got any job vacancy. Great! It would be awesome to get a job in Brecknell, at Avis Head Quarter on the IT department. Well, it didn’t work that way, but at least I got something.

My girlfriend (GF) hated her job. She was a clerk at a partially government owned company.  It was ideal for anyone who planed to retire from a company regardless you were at age of 20 or 60. The job paid well and had tremendous benefits from bonuses in every 3 months to sailing boat rental for peanuts so no one left the company. Except those who had brains. Everyone around us told her, not to leave this exceptional company, but she hated it. The job was about to put documents, contracts from one folder to another and stamp some stupid number for tracking purposes. Job for dumb people, no brainer, boring, lack of creativity, with full of regulations (usless regulations). Anyone could do that work. her boss was a jerk earning twice as much as her with half of the brain. She was fed up with meaningless tasks and the dumb people she was surrounded by… so she decided to setup her new business in worktime. The best way to use employer’s time for your own purposes. Get paid for setting up a new business and get extra income from the busines :) Don’t get me wrong. She did what she was expected to do. She was the employee of the year with that tiny effort she made. Having that sort of spare time in workplace was a gold mine.

For her it wasn’t difficult to quit. She also asked for unpaid leave but she didn’t get it. Never mind. She would have quit anyway.

We bought our flight tickets to London – one way.

Once we agreed with our employers and got the tickets, just before Christmas we told our parents that we are planning to move to London.. it wasn’t a nice xmas present was it? My girlfriend’s father started to cry. He was the saddest person I have seen for a long time.

In February 2010, half of our lives in our 2 suitcases and our 2 hand luggage we were ready to start a new life in London.