Start a new life in London (part 1)

In 2010, me and my girlfriend decided to move to London… no.. actually, it was well before that. In 2008, summer, she and some of our friends started to an intensive, one month English course in a school for and they got excited that much, that she wanted to leave to London. My friend moved to London just after the English course. My girlfriend got the bug too and she thought we should do the same… well, frankly… I was not convinced… however she convinced me… you know how it works with girls… they have that power 😉


Ok, we decided to move to London and we announced to everyone we met: “We are moving to London soon! Oh yeah!” …and we didn’t… she just started a new job, me was in a business I thought to give another chance before I leave it… I gave it a year I said… so we stayed where we were and we “made ass of our mouth. I know it isn’t English phrase, but this is how we say it where I’m coming from.” (now, from this saying, you might guess my nationality, but let’s talk about this a little bit later)

In November 2009 one of my girlfriend’s friend visited us from London. She has had moved there 2 years before and bumped to each other to catch up. She was telling that how exciting London is and we should come to visit.

As we were thinking about London a year before, then it wasn’t a bad idea, “just to look around”. She said that we could stay for two weeks at her place… Hmm… sounds good…

She has a great style by the way. She is the person who has no problems, everything is easy, and she is always ready to do something. She often claps her hands and say: “Come on guys! Let’s do this” … or that! She said that she could get a job for my darling in a minute, in the same pub she is working which was at Holborn.

And for me? Well… I was working in IT and I have never worked as a waiter before, but she promised if I’m up for it she can get me a job as well… I was not delighted to work in a pub, but as a Plan B… it sounds good. Well, doesn’t sound good…but far better than nothing. She mentioned that there was a guy in the pub who has worked there for 2 weeks and then left to do an IT job. That was the moment when I was convinced.

“What can go wrong?” – we move to London and I will work as a waiter… and then in IT. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Let’s do it!

I remember that me and my girlfriend went home and started looking things in London. We started planning what we need to do. I also checked IT jobs in London and found business analyst roles for £50k – £100k per year… that was 3-6 times more money that was I earning that time. Multiply your current income just only 3 times. Not 6, just 3! Would you be excited? No? Well, I was! …and I still I am.

Actually I’m in the position to step up and earn twice as more than I actually earn and I’m bloody excited. I’m changing job. The first offer I accepted had 20% more salary per year that I’m currently doing. The offer I finally accepted has a 257% increase… :) and I am f@cking excited! ..ok..I try not to swear… children might read this :) but it is a really easy way to aggravate.

So we decided to move to London. We will spend 2 weeks at our friend, she will commend my girlfriend in the pub, and will get a job there, I will look for IT jobs and If I can’t find any then will start as a waiter…