Let’s start

Sunrise in Spain on balcony, new start

Sunrise in Spain on balcony, new start

Where to start?

Who am I, or what is the purpose of this blog, or what is the meaning of life? Come on, these things are just too obvious :) (If not then keep on reading)

Ok, I used to have a blog before, and I sold it for a good money. I agreed with the buyer, that I won’t start another blog in the same language in three years time… 1,5 year passed… and I miss writing… so I’m thinking start all over again in a different language, so I don’t brake my word :)

Since I stopped writing my previous blog, I said to myself, if I had the time, I would start writing again.

Now, I have some time… I’m on holiday in Spain, watching the sunrise at 6am from our balcony, and I’m really happy that I started writing again.

I think I will write whole day (which didn’t happen), and I hope my enthusiasm will last longer than a couple of days. Sometimes it is really hard to convince myself to write a post when I am not in the mood… it is something like convincing yourself to go to the gym or start running. You don’t really feel like doing it, you are looking for excuses, then you convince yourself, and once you are doing it, you enjoy it and you are grateful for yourself that you made the right decision.

So I need to keep my enthusiasm high, and need to find the time for writing because a good blog doesn’t need Just 5 days per year. It is a constant work and I should write even if I don’t feel like otherwise the blog starts to die. Hopefully, I will get all this right.

I started my first blog in 2010, when I moved to London and it was about my life, what I was thinking, what I have experienced and it was really interesting. The moving itself was interesting, but writing a blog was a new experiment as well.

My writing skills

I have been using keyboard since the eighties, so my typing skills are pretty good. So it isn’t difficult to type one or two page long documents.

I used to chat a lot on internet, when it was invited in mid nineties. Chat rooms, ms messenger, mirc (if it rings a bell) also helped me to develop my writing skills. I didn’t know at the time that this would be useful in future.

Then I started to work in an office and I sat in front of a PC 8 hours a day, which I didn’t mind at all! I loved it and still love it. I still work in an office… And what is the best way to “chat” with friends in a work environment? That’s it! E-mail! I emailed work colleagues and friends…big time!

I remember writing long long emails to friends who were abroad, or were close but chose email to discuss something (either in work time or spare time). I really enjoyed express myself in writing and using the right words and stitch them together in a nice logical way.

My first office job was an admin job at a shopping mall, inputting meter reading numbers into a program for utility bills, and writing letters to customers and suppliers. My older colleague liked to dictate and I typed the letters for him. He was good at typing too, but when we were writing a little bit more complex letters then this was the case. Again, I was writing a lot and didn’t mind. Would do again.

There isn’t a big difference between writing an email or writing a blogpost. You write a base, you go through again and again, till you satisfied with the result.

So typing on keyboard (or on mobile nowadays) isn’t difficult to me at all!

So let’s start again. Let’s do another blog from scratch and I can start struggling to setup and shape a new blog… honestly… you can spend hours, days and weeks to setup a template correctly… I took me ages last time… (And it took a couple of weeks now too) but now I feel the awakening giant within

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