I got it

I ordered and I got this great game


Have you ever felt lucky?

I don’t know what is your worst experience in your life, but I never had to suffer. I grown up in a peaceful place within a nice, friendly family. I was loved and cared as a child. I can’t complain. Probably the worst situation in…


Leo won the Oscar 2016

Oh yeah, facebook is full of Leo memes him winning the oscar! Well done Leo, well done. A well deserved award for you! However this movie was not my favourite from him, but glad he won. My fav is Wolf of the Wall Street and…


I’m arguing because it matters

I haven’t found the right time in my weekly schedule for writing, but one of my friend has started blogging and I offered my help, and I gave her a tons of advice…and also got passionate about it. That put bug in my head: “AAAhhh……


What happened lately

Well… I should have written 5-10 post by now in August… Didn’t happen I was on holiday and I enjoyed it… Then I did sime DIY (do it yourself) around my flat, and some houses… Oh, I’m a part-time landlord, so have to manage tenants…